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Jigsaw Day Trading Tools are the #1 Rated Trading Tools on independent review site Investimonials.com.

Jigsaw’s mission is to deliver rich, meaningful and useful trading information, enabling traders to make more informed trading decisions both in entering and managing trading positions.


Jigsaw’s Software set consists of the following tools


Educational Material

Jigsaw don’t just deliver the tools and walk away. Their publicly available “Order Flow Foundation” training course is available to all, free of charge.  Now being used in the trading programs of Proprietary Trading firms in both the UK and Australia, with over 9 hours of training material, this course takes you from order flow novice to practitioner.

Community & Live Chat

Jigsaw actively encourages communication between users of the software. Many customers have YouTube pages and blogs explaining how they use the software, along with live trade videos. Jigsaw has their own YouTube Channel and Blog, which has both material from Jigsaw and customers.  In addition to this, there is a free chat room that all customers have access to. This is busiest around the open of the US markets. There’s even a button on the tools to take you directly to the chat.


If you have any issues with the products, Jigsaw have a ticket system that you can use to log issues and you can always come into the chat room or send them an email if something doesn’t seem right.

 Jigsaw provide innovative tools and the training and support you need to make the most of them. Go to Jigsaw Trading to learn more today.